Terms & Conditions


  • Either party may terminate this agreement.
  • Belfast Party Party will only cancel your booking if there is a technical issue with the vehicle.  We have a right to cancel your booking at any point up to your departure time.
  • Our cancellation policy takes effect as soon as you have booked. A charge of £50 (per bike) is applicable if you cancel your tour from the time of booking up to 1 week before your tour date. If you cancel within 1 week before your tour date, the full balance (that is the number of people you have booked for) will be owed.

Health & Safety

  • Belfast Party Bike does not accept responsibility for the lose or damage of any personal items whilst using our vehicles.
  • You agree to listen and follow the instructions of our tour bike operators whose priority is your health and safety.
  • You agree to act with courtesy and respect to the employees of Belfast Party Bike and to the general public at all time during your tour.
  • If we feel that any of your party is too intoxicated to be able to board the bike, it is our right to stop those individuals from joining the tour as their safety is paramount.
  • We have the right to stop the tour if we feel that any of these conditions have been compromised. Once again, the health and safety of you, your group and our staff is of the utmost priority.
  • By using Belfast Party Bikes, you acknowledge that there is a risk of injury. You also accept that Belfast Party Bike takes no responsibility nor incurs any liability for any personal accidents or personal incidents that occur that have not arisen through our negligence.
  • In placing a booking with Belfast Party Bike you accept and agree to all terms and conditions.